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Two Fascist Birds of a Feather

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Short Blurb about Ukraine plus a Video...We're all watching the news in horror at the senseless invasion & bombardment of an ally who's been a fledgling democracy since the fall of the Iron Curtain, now victims of the first attack by an outside power against a sovereign nation in Europe since WWII. We're also heartened by the incredible bravery of Ukrainians in defending their homeland, who against all odds are determined to remain an independent autonomous country. And it's heart-wrenching to watch the indiscriminate bombing as thousands of Ukrainian civilians are being killed, while millions are fleeing to neighboring countries. The stories of personal tragedies being seen in the media are truly heartbreaking:

It's hard to imagine the terror the Ukraine people are living through as they're facing an enemy bent on genocide. And such reckless actions by one lone lunatic leader in Russia are a grave concern to the entire international community. The disruption in the world oil market that will keep spiking our gas prices here at home is but a relatively minor inconvenience, as the greater risks are the possibility the fight moves west & spills over into European NATO nations, the threat of crippling Russian cyberattacks, plus an unimaginable specter of a loose cannon like Putin when cornered could launch a nuclear war. With the world's largest nuclear arsenal, this madman on a whim has the power to potentially destroy the whole world:

The cold-hearted/stubborn Putin won't listen to reason & seems to have become detached from reality. This war criminal is willing to sacrifice multiple thousands of innocent people, plus his own soldiers, for the sake of his power-hungry utopian fantasy of reuniting the old Soviet Bloc. Here's hoping the rising opposition from inside Russia can at some point find some way to remove him. But as seen in the video inside the link below, there's one true friend in this whole wide world this murderous thug Russian dictator can always count on for encouragement, so listen to our own ex-president in his own words praising Putin as the fighting broke out in Ukraine. Keep in mind as you watch this short video, this is the same orange menace still leading the Republican Party around by the nose, largely at the urging of Trump's compliant far-right media & his cult followers:

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