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Democratic Central Committee

The Central and Executive Committees of Geauga help support and represent the Democratic Party in Geauga County.

What is a Central Committee member?

A Central Committee member is a partisan elected person for a term of two years to represent one of the seventy-eight precincts in Geauga County. They are the "boots on the ground" as local  leaders for the Democratic Party in your neighborhood.


Central Committee members must petition to be put on the ballot to serve in their precinct during a primary election. For vacancies, the Executive Committee chair may recommend a representative which is then confirmed by the Executive and Central Committees.

To be a responsible Central Committee Member:

  • As a Democrat, maintain party membership and vote a Democrat Ballot in every election

  • Attend Central Committee Meetings regularly to stay informed about all candidates and issues

  • Ensure your family, friends and neighbors are registered to vote — and vote in every election

  • Assist those who move into your precinct with a voter change of address

  • Provide absentee/early voting ballot application forms to those who are eligible to vote

  • Follow all duties as prescribed by the Ohio Revised Code

What does a Central Committee Member do?

Support all Democratic candidates and their campaigns
  • Assist with gathering signatures for Democratic candidates by carrying petitions

  • Assist Democratic candidates find yard sign locations

  • Schedule precinct walks with candidates, family, neighbors, and friends to  distribute campaign literature, materials and yard signs

  • Attend fundraisers and/or other events benefiting Democratic candidates and the GDP

  • Host a house meeting/coffee reception for a Democratic candidate

  • Write letters to your local newspaper editor that support Democratic positions and/or candidates

Support all Geauga County Democratic Party activities
  • Attend fundraisers sponsored by the GDP, Democratic Women of Geauga County and as many Democratic candidates’ events as possible

  • Volunteer to help your GDP with special events and/or activities

  • Attend Democratic workshops and conferences — locally, statewide or nationally

Be an active and enthusiastic Democrat
  • Be positive and supportive of Democrats.  We can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy.

  • Know why you are a Democrat.  Know why you are involved in Democratic politics and why you believe others should be involved, too.  People will ask!

  • Be informed about all Democratic candidates and issues.  Know the backgrounds, strengths and qualifications of all Democratic candidates running for office — locally, statewide and nationally.  Know what the issues are and why they are important.

  • Make sure family, friends and neighbors vote in every election — as Democrats!

  • Recruit Democrats to volunteer for campaigns, invite them to Democratic meetings, fundraisers, events and/or other activities.

  • Assist in finding Democrats to fill vacant precinct seats who will be active, enthusiastic members.

  • Always be on the lookout for Democrats who will be good candidates for elective office!

Most of all: Be Informed * Be Active * Be Supportive!

Contact us if interested in becoming a Central Committee Member in your neighborhood.

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