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Geauga County Democratic Executive Committee

The Central and Executive Committees of Geauga help support and represent the Democratic Party in Geauga County.

Who is the Geauga County Democratic Executive Committee?

The purpose of the executive Committee is to to establish the policy, conduct the business, and to manage the affairs and election campaigns of the Democratic Party in Geauga County, Ohio in conjunction with the rules and bylaws of the Democratic National Party.

Structure of Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of four [4] officers of the Central Committee who shall serve as the same officers of the Executive Committee, plus twelve [12] additional members in good standing.

The officers of the Geauga County Democratic Central Committee shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected at the regular biennial meeting of the Central Committee pursuant to Section 3517.04 of the Ohio Revised Code.  All new officers of the Central Committee shall be elected and/or duly appointed and qualified Democratic Precinct Committee persons.

Officers and Executive Committee Members

Janet M. Carson

Officer - Chair, Fundraising/Events Committee Leader

Dennis M. Pavella

Officer - Vice Chair

Lindsay Pollock

Officer - Treasurer

Lori O'Neill

Officer - Secretary

Lori O'Neill

Officer - Secretary, Executive Committee

Cheryl Sekura

Executive Committee, Membership Committee Leader

Catherine Whitright

Executive Committee

Bran Furman

Executive Committee, Technology Committee Leader

Anita Marlowe

Executive Committee, Precinct Member Recruitment & Office Management Committee Leader

Christine C. Takacs

Executive Committee, Women's Caucus Committee Member

James Dickinson

Executive Committee

Connie Dustman

Executive Committee

Joseph W. Eiduke

Executive Committee

Karen Kne

Executive Committee

Nora McGinnis

Executive Committee

Robin S. Rood

Executive Committee

Ronald W. Wiech

Executive Committee

Rebecca Gorski

Executive Committee

Sue Buxton

Executive Committee

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