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Our Party has influenced elections far beyond Geauga County. In 2020,

our members distributed over 120,000 Biden campaign signs across 58 Ohio

counties. In 2022, our members distributed tens of thousands of Ryan and

Whaley signs across fifty-eight Ohio Counties. Every "Whaley for Governor" sign

in the entire state of Ohio was distributed by members of our Party. 


In the recent past, the Geauga Democratic Party has actively campaigned for literally hundreds of candidates and we've hosted many officeholders such as US Senator Sherrod Brown, Judge Mary Jane Trapp, Ohio Supreme Court Justices Jennifer Brunner and Michael Donnelly, County Counsel Vice President Cheryl Stephens, Terri Jamison, and Marilyn Zayas as well as former officeholders such as Tim Ryan, Nan Whaley, Bill O'Neill, John Patterson, Ted Strickland, Frances Strickland, Capri Cafaro, Lee Fisher, Armon Budish, Richard Cordray, Marc Dann, Melody Stewart, Todd Portune, Mark Schneider, Dan McClellan, Joe Schavoni and Jeff Crossman. 


And we've had many victories. In 2007, we helped to elect Governor Ted Strickland with a 57% victory in Geauga County. In 2008, we played a pivotal role in getting Judge Cannon appointed to the 11th District Court of Appeals.

In 2010, we helped elect Tom Wright to the Court of Appeals and in 2016 we

helped re-elect him to that same position. In 2011, we helped to elect Terri Stupica,

the first female Judge ever to serve in a Geauga County courtroom. 


In 2012, we helped Judge Bill O'Neill win a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court and we assisted Senator Capri Cafaro win her re-election bid after being redistricted.


We helped Judge Rice and Judge Cannon win re-election in 2014. In the 2021, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, and 2011 elections we assisted Democrats in school board, council, and township races. We will again be assisting local candidates in 2023. We now have 24 Democratic local officeholders that serve voters in Geauga County.

In 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020 we helped Dr. Patterson win and then retain his seat in the Ohio Legislature. As a result of eight years of his work, John Patterson was able to completely revamp school funding in Ohio.    


In 2017, Judge Terri Stupica was re-elected along with five new Democratic candidates to local offices. We will be helping to Judge Terri Stupica to win re-election in 2023. 

In 2018 we helped to elect Melody Stewart and Michael Donnelly to the Ohio Supreme Court and helped to return Mary Jane Trapp to the 11th District Court of Appeals.

Judge Trapp will be running for re-election in 2024 and she will need our support.


In 2020, we worked hard and did our part to help the Biden/Harris team run up a 7,000,000 national vote plurality to win a decisive victory. In the same year, we worked to elect Jennifer Brunner to the Ohio Supreme Court giving Democrats three out of

the seven seats on that Court.  We also helped to return Judge Cindy Rice to the

11th District Court of Appeals.  

In 2022, we welcomed three statewide candidates to our Annual Steak Roast and hosted all three Supreme Court candidates at our Annual Dinner. 


All this activity takes planning, energy, and dedication by scores of committed members.  Why not join us as a Member? 

Click here to choose your membership level.

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