Actor Talks Guns & Deaths...

From TheVORACS: Today's White House press briefing is a MUST WATCH!!! While the despicable far-right media tries desperately to divert attention away from these ongoing tragedies by bringing up inflation & gas prices & the border & CRT & a whole host of their numerous/disingenuous talking points, we must never forget the horrible carnage! And we must pass laws to make it more difficult for these copycat wackos to buy assault weapons of war that turn little bodies into a mutilated mass of blood & bones which renders them impossible to recognize. Plus we must overcome the GOP obstruction that sees them not give a damn about human life, even innocent little kids. To them, the NRA blood money that helps them retain political power is far more precious than all the lives taken away mostly thanks to America's uniquely/pathetically lax gun laws. Please share this video which ironically I posted from the disinformation network whose main mission is to hide the truth, so maybe it can wake people up if they're not already mind-controlled by the MAGA cult, far-right media & our nation's newly-anointed fascist party...

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