A Coup in Plain Sight

The gerrymandering happening to us right now can, probably will, result in further voter suppression if allowed by the Ohio Supreme Court to proceed. Ohio Republicans are now and will continue to be unafraid of consequences in the Statehouse, can change voting laws, install Republican-friendly election officials in counties all over Ohio, and create ways for the executive branch, specifically the Secretary of State, to discard lawful votes and send Republican-friendly electors to the electoral college. That is how it almost happened last time, and might succeed next time with a more practiced Republican effort:


Ohio's Secretary of State Frank LaRose is already complicit in the illegal Republican efforts to crack and pack districts, to viciously block all democratic influence in Ohio elections. As a member of the Redistricting Commission, he approved two different heavily gerrymandered maps that very effectively eliminate any influence Ohio Democrats have in the Statehouse and in the US House of Representatives.

LaRose abused his opportunity to support democracy in Ohio, to follow voter preferences in the 2020 popular vote. Republican Donald Trump won Ohio with 53.27% of the vote, while President Biden received 45.24% of the popular vote. In his effort to lock Democrats out of influence, LaRose approved a map that gives Republicans a virtual 3:1 veto-proof Statehouse majority, not the roughly 5:4 ratio that represents voter preferences. Again, in support of an ongoing coup in plain sight, AG Dave Yost and Governor Mike DeWine abdicated THEIR responsibility to uphold the will of the voters, in lock step with Republicans Matt Huffman and Robert Cupp.

The stage is set, the actors well rehearsed, Act 1, scene 2 is underway in the ongoing coup d'état.

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