It's Election Time! What does voting GOP really mean?

I just filled out my election ballot that I'll either mail in (which has worked fine in Ohio for many years), or if I go through Chardon I'll drop it in the dropbox outside the Board of Elections office on Center St. in the NW side of town. I prefer voting this way since it's convenient, plus I can search the internet for judges & issues I'm not familiar with & vote based on research & reason. Voting in person through early voting or on Election Day is fine too, so long as voters likewise do their research ahead of time & vote based on reason. Speaking of reason, as a lifelong Republican (until that party went off the rails at least a decade ago & lost all reason & sanity), I feel I'm qualified to express all the numerous reasons to vote GOP in this election. A good rule of thumb since the orange menace is still in control of GOP politicians & their base, a vote for Republicans is still a vote for Maga Trumpism. With that in mind, the following explains what voting Republican at its core really means & sometimes I have a tendency to go on a rambling rant, so here it is below. And should I repeat myself in different sections, it's to emphasize a main point. But the most important point is it's not just me, as all of us who favor democracy need to have our voices heard to defend our freedoms! So if you like this message, please forward it onto your circle of influence. Send the link to everyone you know, be it emails, texts, social media or whatever means possible. I challenge people to read as much of this as they can, since it contains more truths than an entire months worth of Fox News prime-time shows, plus unlike that network all the falsehoods are filtered out.

First & foremost, the GOP base is mostly plugged into that disingenuous far-right media monster like Fox fake news, alarmist talk radio & nutty conspiracy-laden social media sites. The business model of that media rage-machine is to ratchet up anger & hate towards political opponents while portraying Republicans as holier-than-thou/walk-on-water omnipotent angels. Fox management made a deliberate decision to go full pro-Trump after he won their party's nomination in 2016, since research data confirmed he was good for ratings. And since the GOP & their complicit talking heads have zero constructive policy positions to solve our myriad of real problems, they resort to fearmongering & unjust vilification of opponents in scaring their audiences to vote GOP. Their brainwashing mechanisms have been incredibly successful, convincing the conservative base what's true is false & what's false is true. Today's Republican Party is operating like the lunatics who are running the asylum. Fighting their falsehoods is the first step towards preserving democracy. A free society gets in big trouble when such a large portion of the population are convinced to believe in lies (they're by no means dumb, just snookered). It's a free country so people have a right to be wrong. But we need to spread the facts so those still mentally residing in an alternate galaxy are given a chance to see the light, so they're better able to return back to the land of reality & sanity here on Planet Earth. Many of them only know the spin from conservative media & never leave their bubble, so we need to help them. We'll never convince most who have fallen asunder, but just by bringing some in the GOP back to reason & common sense, it could be enough to take away their power from electing destructive Maga candidates.

The Issues The GOP is fine with not fixing problems when not in power, as they prefer having stuff to complain about for election campaigns. I've always maintained a current president has little control over current economic conditions, but the pro-GOP media is having group conniption fits in falsely portraying this Biden economy, inflation & gas prices (which are a worldwide challenge from supply/demand shocks coming on the heels of a pandemic) as somehow rivaling the worst in recorded history. But notice how they're mum about Biden on our current record-low child poverty, robust job growth, manufacturing rebound, reducing Trump's enormous federal deficits & presiding over the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. That echo-chamber loves to serenade Trump about gas prices that were under $2/gallon, but that occurred during a pandemic-induced economic shutdown which also saw the orange buffoon presiding over record deficits & job losses. There's also the not-so-small matter of the virus bringing on over a million American deaths, with some research studies indicating hundreds of thousands of those deaths were unnecessary had Trump not mishandled the virus out of the gates. It's a real mystery why the right-wing still revels in his orange presidency.

I have plenty of Christian family & friends who are immovable in their GOP support since their vote is entirely based on cultural issues like opposing abortion, gay marriage & transgender rights. Conveniently overlooked are a whole host of other issues, including lax gun registration laws which allow young punks to buy assault weapons even if they have a prior history of mental issues, enabling them to enter an elementary school to mass-slaughter children. So why aren't those Christians pro-life? And the orange bigot uses an anti-immigration message that from the beginning consistently ratchets up the emotions & anger from his base, from which his compliant media still enthusiastically uses their blowhorn for smearing desperate migrants. All those exaggerated claims about immigrants & the border are timed like clockwork with the right-wing spin machine hyping up that narrative just before every election, which dovetails into their scaremongering about crime (how ironic the same folks griping about crime back the most lawless American president in history). By the way, statistics show migrants who come here commit crimes at lower rates than homegrown Americans. In the next few sections, let's get into more details about the facts behind these anointed GOP talking points, especially what's behind the messaging on inflation, gas prices, crime & the border. Polling gives the GOP an advantage on these issues which is certainly undeserved.

Higher prices are an international challenge & the result of multiple issues combined together, including pent-up demand from the pandemic, supply-chain interruptions, Putin's war on Ukraine, & yes even those previous stimulus checks. But don't overlook the role of corporate greed. Many large corporations love gouging the public to enhance obscene profits knowing they can get away with it by blaming inflationary times. And what better time to do it than before a midterm to hurt the party in power by spiking inflation, knowing the more Maga candidates who win will help ensure keeping those cash-cow oligarch tax cuts. Granted, an annualized inflation rate of 8.2% is entirely too high, but it's likely to come down soon as the Fed has made it a top priority after being slow to react a year ago. And the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is taking particular aim at reducing our highest-in-the-world prescription drug prices. Speaking of world prices, our 8.2% overall inflation rate puts America in the lower half among countries in the world, with various price pressures actually making double-digit rate increases common these days. Britain's new right-wing Prime Minister Liz Truss lasted all of 6 weeks before resigning, who perhaps was channeling Trump with reckless tax cuts which drove down the pound & shot up deficits as inflation soared into double-digits (which by extension provides an important lesson GOP policies won't solve the problems). Or just imagine the outrage in our nation if we had inflation like Argentina or Turkey which is 10 times higher than ours! So our country is managing a difficult circumstance better than most, & with Fed tightening along with administration policies we can expect to get a handle on inflation soon.

Another talking point Republicans are relying on is gas prices. They are high (which is instrumental in driving up inflation) not only because of corporate greed & Putin's war in Ukraine, but the Saudis have sided with Putin in reducing oil supply ahead of our elections, helping to keep up their mission of undermining America's pro-democracy forces for freedom (the Dems) in favor of our neo-fascist authoritarian movement (the GOP). Evil international dictators have been in the MAGA-fascist camp for years, being willing participants in dividing & crippling democrac