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Dave Joyce Parrots RNC Talking Points (again)

Representative Dave Joyce (Ohio-14)

8500 Station Street

Suite 390

Mentor, OH 44060 February 8, 2022

I need to address some points related to your weekly wrap of February 6, 2021. First, props to your wife who continues to work as a nurse despite the incredible hardships. If, as you say, you want to “support health care professionals”, you should be promoting the vaccine and masks with all the power of your office. Get the virus under control by vaccinating everyone.

The United States has been a net exporter of energy since 2019 yet you continue to spread purposeful energy disinformation with the sole intention of stoking fear, uncertainty, and doubt, much of which is pure political theater. In one paragraph you want to block the Executive Branch’s ability to ban new energy leases on federal lands, then complain that China is an environmental polluter, all while Republicans minimize climate change.

Your hyperbolic statement “pull the plug on American energy production and put thousands out of work” is patently false and emotional. President Biden did not stop American energy production and the fact that you said it out loud reflects your partisan effort to damage American progress. Where are the “thousands” out of work?

Your own constituents have gas wells on their property. Will you support them with higher gas prices or throw them under the bus in search of cheap energy? Will you support lower prices or higher prices?

Republicans are doing nothing to make America competitive against China. Democrats are doing SOMETHING while Republicans block and throw shade on everything without suggesting what needs to be done to keep America competitive. You know that this issue is much more complicated and nuanced than what the RNC talking points allow. If you want to talk about industrial policy, fine. But simply declaring that a bill doesn’t do something does not move us forward.

Your talking points about human rights without mentioning that Women’s Rights ARE Human Rights simply deflect from the bigger problems we face. You mention “problems” like the origins of Covid, Wuhan labs, slave labor, and school content, all of which are deflections. Republicans are doing nothing to help Hong Kong, Uyghurs, Ukraine, Palestinians, Lebanon, Yemen, fentanyl, and Taiwan. What, exactly, do you propose to hold China accountable? If you want to be our representative, please represent all of us!


Robert Chalfant,

And at their request: Terry Carson, Diane Pekarcik, Judy Ray, Marilyn Wise, Bob Coppenhaver, Geauga Dems

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