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Was there a Fascist Plot to Kidnap the Former VP?

Trump has been trying to discredit elections for a long time in order to precondition the minds of his supporters & set up the foundation for his fascist tyranny utopia. After his birtherism crusade designed to undermine Obama's legitimate stake to the presidency, Trump also cast doubts over elections he lost like the 2016 Iowa Caucuses while even questioning elections he won (such as claiming he also won the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election when announcing millions of his votes were undercounted).

There were plenty of shenanigans going on during the 2020 campaign, including Trump looking the other way as Russian bots again flooded social media with targeted disinformation, the deliberate sabotaging of mail delivery service, making citizens jump through hoops to qualify as voters, making confusing rules that caused ballots to be rejected, orchestrating long lines to voting booths in large cities, using intimidation tactics to dissuade voters from going to voting booths, shrinking the time ballots could be counted while using the courts to disqualify ballots, quickly stacking the Supreme Court just prior to the election, plus convincing his base the only way he could lose is if the election was rigged.

Following his election loss, the orange autocrat launched an elaborate preplanned scheme to deny the legitimate presidential winner from taking the oath of office in January. This unconstitutional coup attempt featured many facets, including arm-twisting election officials, state attorney generals, state legislators, governors, media pundits, Cabinet officials, congresspeople, judges, generals, DOJ officials & the VP to change the results of a free & fair election.

And from the news that has just been reported based on testimony to the Jan. 6th congressional committee, there are indications that as a last resort Trump's thugs may have tried kidnapping VP Pence to prevent him from certifying the Electoral College results. The VP's Secret Service agents on Jan. 6th were in communication with Trump's security but Pence refused to get in their car, preferring instead to hide with his family in an underground garage on Capitol grounds as hordes of angry insurrectionists were milling about chanting "hang Mike Pence!":

So incredibly, we had a President of the United States of America who tried to steal an election!!! This makes the Nixon Watergate break-in look like kids' play! I've had the orange menace pegged all along for the dictatorial threat he was & still is! Here is what I wrote in my then blog ( on the eve of the Nov. 2020 election...

You can’t legally change state election laws on the fly, but Trump is sure to try. He has a history of filing lawsuits with high-priced lawyers about as often as most people brush their teeth. I do fear Trump may do something crazy here in the month of November (something crazy even for him), as his vengeful temperamental nature could kick in & blow up everything when he sees his reign slipping away. We need to be prepared for everything since he’s capable of most anything, including an attempt to stage a coup through the courts & state legislatures, or inciting violence through his white supremacist army. I repeat, don’t put anything past this guy! Many of those lawless unconstitutional schemes are exposed inside (the long list of links to news articles I had posted).

I also sent these emails below on Jan. 6, 2021 before & during the orange blob's speech as he incited that amped-up crowd to walk to the Capitol and fight like hell...

9:47 AM: Always remember the traitors in Congress who today will object to the will of the people & try to steal the election from the rightful winner, as they are true enemies of American democracy. Here’s hoping nothing crazy happens in DC today so America can put down this unconstitutional madness trying to usurp unbridled power, so the pillars of democracy can withstand this evil tyrannical onslaught… 11:08: I’m glad we’re watching on TV, wouldn’t want to be in DC. Trump has his white supremacist army stirred up for violence. I have a bad feeling this could get ugly. Never would have dreamed in my worst nightmares this type of deranged insanity could ever happen in America. 11:30: Even after Jan 20th when Trump is gone, America still has the far-right echo-media & their lies to battle, who’ve spawned this crazy cult mentality with roughly 40% of the country. It’s so surreal…& dangerous! 12:10: The cult leader is preaching to his crazed followers now, not that far removed from a 1930’s Germany Nazi rally. 12:22: I’m convinced, he really is a delusional psychopath! And being incited by Trump, this bloodless coup attempt could be turning into a violent coup. 12:41: Our fascist-in-chief is now reciting the QAnon greatest hits of debunked election fraud claims. If there’s any silver lining I can possibly see from this travesty episode in American history & litany of lies from this DC rally, Trump is tearing apart & possibly destroying the Republican Party. A lot of people have doubted me through the years when I said he really was bent on becoming a rogue dictator. Can anyone doubt me now?

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