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Mike DeWine's Fundraiser Email.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This is his claim: "As we’ve proven in our state, the key to economic success is to reduce taxes and get government to get out of the way." In the ten years while repub governors John Kasich and Mike DeWine ruled, with repub-dominated legislatures under them, cutting taxes and getting out of the way culminated in this: 1. 2/3 of Ohio's counties lost population. 2. Only Cinci and Columbus grew their cities. 3. Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Dayton, Youngstown and Toledo all lost people. 4. Rural population declined. 5. Seventh largest State of Ohio's total population grew by only 260,000, while eighth largest State of Georgia's pop grew by 1,000,000. We are on the cusp of being demoted to #8 as GA overtakes OH. 6. OH lost a US House seat. While repubs abdicated their duty to responsibly lead Ohio into the 21st century, the only documented result of their policies and DeWine's "keys to economic success" are undermining most of the State of Ohio. How will repubs invest Ohio's federal infrastructure monies? Specifically, how will they help OH's 2nd largest city, Cleveland, which has been bleeding population for 70 years? Reducing taxes hollows out OH's ability to react to emergencies. Getting out of the way wastes whatever depleted resources the state can bring to the effort to move into the 21st century. Richie Piiparinen at Cleveland State University made several proposals to fix our cities. Read his papers.

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