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In my continuing battle with public lies

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

My next open letter to Rep. Dave Joyce. In my continuing battle with public lies: this one is a small lie.

Hello Rep. Joyce, After your very appreciated Thanksgiving opening paragraph thanking me for my service in Vietnam, you moved directly to your opening lie: “In an unprecedented move, President Biden announced this past week that he would would (sic) release 50 million barrels of oil held in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).” This “move” is entirely precedented. In your lifetime, certainly in your living memory you saw: 1. In 1991, under President George HW Bush, 17 million barrels were released in the First Gulf War. 2. In 2005, President George W Bush released 11 million barrels in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. 3. In 2011, President Barack Obama released 30 million barrels as part of a joint effort with other countries to counter supply disruptions from Libya. 4. In 2017, under President Trump, the Department of Energy authorized the release of 5 million barrels to Gulf Coast refineries when Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in the region. One, now two, Democrat and three Republican presidents released the SPR. Completely precedented. You purposely neglected to mention that China, Japan, South Korea, India and Britain all plan to release from their reserves. This is an international, not a domestic problem that President Biden is cooperating with other major economies to resolve. As you say, the US SPR will not solve this shortage alone, but you scream crisis, then want to blame our President for a global price increase in gasoline. You know better, so shame on you for propagating yet another Republican lie. Speaking of Republican lies…tell us constituents in OH-14 what you did or said after a sitting rep accused another sitting rep of being a suicide bomber? And in the same public speech accused a male Cabinet member of trying to "chest feed". And another rep released a video portraying him murdering the Speaker of the House of Representative. Your silence speaks volumes and belies your Catholic upbringing. These comments and others they made treat human beings, including women, Muslims and gays in your district, YOUR OWN CONSTITUENTS, as subhuman. And fearing the loser, you won't defend your own constituents. That is just pitiful behavior and poor representation of us.

Sincerely, and I mean it, Robert E. Chalfant

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