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Congratulations to all our wonderful Democratic candidates that’ll be on the ballot in November. Your hard work paid off

While turnout was far below average (28%) thank you to every voter that cast a Democratic ballot and helped our candidates win.

Our write in candidates for county commissioners each received more than 700 votes!

Judge Terri Jamison won her race in Geauga by 3 votes. Every vote matters! Congratulations to all 3 Supreme Court nominees and we’ll be working hard to ensure your victories in November.

Louis Murphy, Mark Curtis, Michael Shrodek, Brian Kenderes and Mary Jane Trapp will need

our help to win in November. Congrats to them and also Katie O’Neill for her Senate victory.

Or course it goes w/o saying we’ll all be working our hearts out to re-elect Joe, Kamala and Sherrod.

Finally a big thank you to all the precinct candidates who ran as well as our precinct members who were victorious!! Thank you for your commitment to Geauga Dems, Geauga County and Ohio. I’m looking forward to working together to ensure we win in 2024!

Janet Carson

Chair GCDP

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