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Compare American Presidents in Our Fight to Save Freedom & Democracy

I'm watching Biden's powerful speech today in Poland as I start writing this. The magnitude of the moment cannot be lost on Americans & all the citizens of the world. Our president has done a tremendous job of uniting NATO against a reprehensible foe that Europe & the world have not faced since the days of Hitler. The coordination by America/NATO in supplying vital weapons & supplies to Ukraine have been pivotal in mounting a fierce defense against an invading enemy, plus harsh sanctions are cutting deep into Russia's economy. Most of all, the courage & resolve of Ukrainian leadership & their people to save their country have been spectacular! Against all odds they're pushing back against Russian forces. Thank God that Biden is in office to meet this moment! Former president Trump could have never led our nation during the dangerous time we're now forced to confront. The orange menace is actually a big part of the problem, being a key player in the worldwide authoritarian movement that favors tyrannical leadership here & elsewhere. We can see it played out in his continuing coup attempt to steal the 2020 election, while also adhering to his nationalistic isolationist approach that would only give free reign for our enemies to spread their repressive dictatorial vision throughout the world. We're at a crossroads where the people must win against the forces of autocracy seeking to permanently defeat freedom & democracy. So losing or capitulating to this dire threat is not an option. I'm struck that we might have just seen the most important & consequential speech by an American President since Reagan in Berlin! He was on point in articulating the dangers we're up against as we must rise to fulfill our destiny. In the last line of his speech, a defiant Biden said this of Putin: "For God's sake this man cannot remain in power." The White House quickly softened that message in trying not to provoke what increasingly looks like a madman. After all, a key difference between Hitler & Putin is the fact Hitler never had nukes. It has been (amazingly) 28,000 days since a nuclear weapon was used in combat, so we need that streak to continue on indefinitely. But contrast Biden's inspiring words to those of an ex-president just a month ago when Russia first started the war in Ukraine, referring to Putin as genius, savvy & smart by invading a sovereign neighbor as is seen in the short video inside the link below. Please watch that video & send it around to others! For those of us who love our country & our freedoms, there are no words & certainly there is no excuse for what the orange blob said. Inside America we have our own internal battle going on between good & evil, so we need to show our fellow Americans the difference. I've truly come to believe the continuing support for Trump can only be the product of a cult mentality who through their bitter & misguided partisanship have lost their sense of reality. As I see it, millions of otherwise well-meaning Americans have been bamboozled if not brainwashed by the orange menace along with his compliant party & adoring far-right media. I've researched & written about the rise of the far-right American fascist movement for the past decade. I'm convinced the most lunatic fringe among them have been mentally conditioned to unknowingly take untenable positions which indirectly support authoritarianism, becoming in essence the enemy of America & democracies worldwide, which by extension actually supports/empowers Russia & their murderous war criminal in Putin. America is the one indispensable nation who must lead the world in preserving freedom/democracy here & everywhere, so I hope & pray our country can continue to fulfill its critical mission the entire free world depends on. This greater mission & noble crusade are threatened should the conservative base keep falling for the dangerous rhetoric spewed by the likes of Donald Trump & shameless talking heads such as Tucker Carlson. The Trump cult has become extremely dangerous, so watch this to see what I mean...

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