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As Americans We Should Be Outraged!!!

Conservatives Gone Insane...We have a newly-minted fascist political party in America who deny the results of a legitimate election to seek illegal/unbridled power (and please do pay attention to the alarming concrete evidence coming from the Jan. 6th hearings), instead supporting a violent insurrection & coup attempt that would derail our constitutional democracy by preventing the peaceful transfer of power!

That same fascist party is in cahoots with their big donor wealthy oligarchs who for decades have rigged the system dramatically in their favor, literally depriving the working class of their financial standing by imposing an accepted model of perpetually stagnant wages & robbing taxpayers blind with an immensely lopsided tax code structured disproportionately in helping them avoid paying a fair share, making them mega-welfare cheats that continuously abscond with funds thousands of times more than anything America's poor receive while creating among the widest wage/wealth inequality of any country in the developed world.

And in the wake of yet another senseless/random mass shooting today (during what should have been a joyous 4th of July parade) by a punk with a high-powered rifle which such carnage is primarily a uniquely American tragedy, the fascist party has blood on their hands in taking blood money from the NRA, refusing even sensible proposals that could have a meaningful impact on reducing gun violence like universal background checks &/or banning semi-automatic weapons of war.

And the following is a very difficult question to answer, but we'd better figure it out as a nation before the far-right lunatics take us into civil war or dictatorial fascism...or both! And that question is this...How do we even process the fact that millions of once patriotic Americans, having apparently lost their sense of humanity, now view the world through their narrow-minded/tunnel-vision far-right media echo-chamber lens with a sense of abject injustice & moral depravity that borders on sub-human insanity?

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