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AG Dave Yost Blocks Dem Legal Representation

The Ohio Redistricting Commission has, of course, been sued again for submitting an illegally gerrymandered district map despite instructions from the Ohio Supreme Court to create maps that represent a 54-46 repub-dem split. The Commission, in defiance of the court, sent over a 57-43 split map with repubs heavily favored in the 57, and dems closely split with repubs in the 43. This map guarantees a veto-proof majority for Republicans for the 4-year duration of the map, beyond the next Presidential election.

In order to further hobble the Dem members of the Commission, Minority Leader Allison Russo, D-Columbus, and State Senator Vern Sykes, D-Akron, the Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, a Republican member of the Redistricting Commission, has directed the Columbus law firm Ice Miller to cease representation of the two Democratic members of the Commission in that lawsuit.

The suit was filed against the Commission, of which Russo and Sykes are members. Yost thought it inappropriate that the Dem members of the Commission fight in favor of the lawsuit against themselves so is denying them representation through the AG's Office.

In addition to Yost, the other 4 Repub members are Robert Cupp, R-Speaker of The House, Matt Huffman, R-Senate President, Governor Mike DeWine, and Keith Faber, R-State Auditor.

Court filing in the previous suit noted “The Republican Legislative Commissioners prepared maps so lopsided that Republicans are essentially guaranteed veto-proof majorities in the General Assembly no matter how many votes Democrats earn." The revised map submitted to the Supreme Court continues that lopsided Republican representation but now the Democrat members of the Commission will not be provided lawyers to argue their side of the case.

The Republican state legislature and Republican executive branch are teaming up against the Ohio Supreme Court and Ohio Democratic constituents to prevent fair and faithful representation of all Ohioans. This is a nakedly political power play that if allowed to stand, relegates Ohio to the smoke-filled rooms of the political dark ages.

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