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The Actual Republican Platform

Irrespective of anything the GOP says, these actions speak louder than any words they say. This list is an accurate definition of most of their actual political platform. Granted, the MAGA cult will view these items as reasons to support their candidates, but I still feel it necessary to call out what I believe to be the wrong direction to steer America.

Many people are single issue voters, this list covers most of the issues. If I missed any, I’m happy to accept constructive criticism. If someone can create a multi-point list of why the republican party should be supported, that would be welcome. Name calling and insults aren’t appropriate.

This is a summary, with edits and additions, to a tweet thread from DJRothkopf.

Frankly, the GOP should be voted out of every office they hold:

1. Based on the gun policies they support, alone.

2. Or based on their desire to deny women control of their bodies, alone.

3. Or based on their attacks on democracy and the peaceful transition of leadership, alone.

4. Or based on their support for the most corrupt president in American history (Trump), alone.

5. Or based on their opposition to protecting the climate, alone.

6. Or based on their opposition to sound science in defending against the spread of the pandemic, alone.

7. Or based on their packing of the Supreme Court, alone.

8. Or based on their economic policies that serve the richest and most powerful Americans at the expense of everyone else.

9. Or based on Trumpist foreign policy that was anti-US, anti-NATO & pro-Russia, alone.

10. Or based on their banning books, and objection to teaching history and in our schools, alone.

11. Or based on their opposition to humane immigration policies, alone.

12. Or based on demolishing the wall between church and state, alone.

13. Or based on their refusal to offer any platform but obstruction, alone.

14. Or based on the extremists in their party whom they defend, elevate, and even celebrate, alone.

15. Or based on being morally bankrupt, hateful, corrupt, and enemies of decades of American progress, alone.

Any one of these attributes should undo the republican party politically. All delegitimize the party and pose a threat to each one of us, our futures and that of our country. This is not a case against them made by their opponents. This is the case they have made against themselves.

Nearly all these things benefit the people holding the money, who are motivated by money, envied by those who do not have money, and that we will never be able to outspend in their propaganda that makes others vote against their own interests.

And even that leaves aside that they've been reflexively on the exact wrong side of every single issue without fail since Reagan, probably before.

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