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Urgent Call to Action: HB68

Ohio lawmakers are threatening to override Gov. DeWine's HB 68 veto, risking the rights and well-being of trans youth. The Ohio House scheduled an emergency session for this Wednesday at 2pm to hold the vote.

Take Action! 

Contact your state representative and urge them to uphold Gov. DeWine's veto using the steps below.

  • Call your state representative. If you do not know your representative, you can search here

District 35, Rep. Steve Demetriou, (614) 644-5088,

District 99, Rep. Sarah Fowler Arthur, (614) 466-1405,

  • State your name and where you live.

  • Choose any of these talking points, or create your own. There's no need to be a policy expert!

  • I urge you to vote NO on all efforts to override the veto of HB 68.

  • It is imperative that we protect critical healthcare for transgender and nonbinary youth, while also allowing them to experience sports and activities with their friends.

  • Honoring parents’ rights means enabling families to make the best lifesaving healthcare choices for themselves and their children, in consultation with their trusted doctors.

  • The government has no place in private, personal medical decisions.

Call Ohio House Speaker Stephens, 614,466-1366,, and urge him NOT to bring any efforts to override the veto of HB 68 to the floor.

Have more time to support transitional healthcare? Accompanying the veto of HB 68, DeWine proposed administrative rules restricting healthcare for trans and nonbinary youth and adults in Ohio. Please consider leaving a public comment for the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services by e-mailing with the subject “comment on gender transition rules,” by 5:00PM on Friday, January 19, 2024.

Your comment can be as detailed as you want (please do not include personally-identifiable information) or as simple as: these rules aren’t necessary!

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