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Now We Vote YES!

The Reproductive Freedom amendment is on the November ballot as Issue 1. (Read the amendment here.) We are focused on reaching voters between today and November 7 as we advocate for voting YES on Issue 1!

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Join us for a canvassing event as we deliver campaign literature to friendly Democratic doors! We use the "MiniVAN Touch" app so make sure to bring a charged cell phone. (Don't worry if you've never used it. We can train you right at the canvass launch.)

Saturday, September 16th in Newbury:

Sunday, September 17th in Bainbridge:

  • Write postcards encouraging Geauga County voters to vote yes on Issue 1 to support reproductive freedom. If you’re interested in helping please complete this form:

  • Volunteer nights are every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 at Headquarters (12420 Kinsman Road, Newbury) starting September 20th. Help write postcards, assemble canvassing packets, or make phone calls!

Check our facebook page and website for updates

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