Geauga Voters,

Tuesday, March 17th is Primary Election Day; our opportunity to choose the direction of Ohio and our Nation. There have been many letters to the editor espousing the reasons why you should pull a Republican ballot and vote for a Republican candidate. I’d like to offer another perspective and give you a few reasons why pulling a Republican ballot is the wrong choice.

Each voter must choose between a ballot that identifies them as a member of a political party (Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, etc.) or a non-declared/issues only ballot. Party ballots will ONLY have the candidates of their party listed. So if you choose a Republican ballot you will only have the option to cast your vote for Republicans -Trump, Joyce, Spidalieri/Galecki, Grendell, etc. If you choose a Democratic ballot you will have the option to cast your vote for Democrats - Biden, Sanders, Hillary O’Connor Mueri, Betsy Rader, Dana, etc Whichever party ballot you vote, you’ll be listed as a member of that party (Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, etc.) on the official Secretary of State voter website for the next  2 years. Not choosing a Democratic ballot means you give up your vote and your say in who the Democratic nominee for President will be. You won’t get to choose the candidate who best represents your values and our ability to win in November. You’ll be leaving that choice up to others. Delegates are awarded via Democratic primary votes. Ohio votes could secure an insurmountable delegate lead for one of our candidates! Be part of that decision; vote a Democratic ballot.

Our candidates need your votes and your support. Betsy Rader and Hillary Mueri will need a significant Democratic turnout to convince national groups (Emily’s List, DCCC, Unions, Priorities USA) and large national donors to support them. Democratic primary votes mean support and that means money, endorsements and victories. The elusive electability label is most easily quantified by primary votes. Every media outlet, pollster, and political guru reviews primary votes as a way to determine electability and potential. Switching parties to vote against a candidate diminishes our Democratic candidates’ ability to raise money and win. Our candidates have worked incredibly hard to earn your support. Let’s proudly stand up and support them at the polls.

If Ohio has a significant increase in Democratic voters, it keeps its historic swing state status. An increase in Democratic turnout keeps Ohio in play which translates into presidential candidate visits, increased Democratic election infrastructure, and help for ALL Democratic candidates up and down the ticket. Everyone wants to know did the Democratic vote shrink = didthe Republican voter base grow? Whether voters agree with Democratic values or approve of the GOP and President Trump’s policies?

Ohio has long been a predictor of our nation’s future. Geauga’s 65,000 registered voters influence these decisions. What message will your vote send? What future do you envision for our state and our Nation? There has never been a more important time to stand for your values. It’s time to proudly take a Democratic ballot and vote blue. If not now, when?

Janet Carson, Chairwoman

Geauga Democratic Party


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