Executive Committee Meeting
Monday,  March 8, 2021 at 7 pm
Geauga Democratic Headquarters & ZOOM
1.   Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Minutes,  Correspondence
2.  Treasurer’s Report:  Glen Quigley Vote
3.  Chair’s Report:  Janet Carson 
a.  ODP Listening Tour with Chairwoman Walters
4.  BOE/Party Secretary Positions:  Janet Carson
5.  Future Fundraising Events: Reopening our Party  Janet Carson
     a.  Picnic/ice cream social
     b. Steak Roast
     c.  Annual Dinner
     d.  Fair
6.  Approval of New Members
7.  Membership:  Cheryl Sekur
8.  Women’s Caucus:  Cris Takacs
9.  Committees:
    a.  Campaigns: Terry Carson:  2021 Elections Positions Open
    b.  Technology:  Bran Furman
    c.  Headquarters/Volunteers:  Anita Marlowe
     d. Schools:  Cheryl Sekura
     e. Unions:  Robert Amick
10.  Good of the Order
11.  Open Discussion/Questions
12.  Adjournment
Next Meetings:
Women's Caucus Tuesday March 9th, 2021
Central Committee Meeting:  Tuesday, March 23, 2021